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Prenotaitaliano.it , vertical portal on tourism 100% made in Italy

Prenotaitaliano.it was born inJuly 2020as an innovative startup 100% made in Italy.

We are a group ofItalian professionalsunited from a single objective:to restart tourism in the beautiful country.

Ours is a vertical portal that includes and promotes all the activities of the Italian tourism chain: hotels, tourist resorts, campsites, bed&breakfast, guest house, holiday homes, agritourisms, travel and incoming agencies, seaside resort, tourist guides, food and wine attractions, restaurants, and many more.

The company is led by a qualified, heterogeneous and complementary team : the technological skills of Andrea Testa , one of the leading Italian experts in digital media marketing, are accompanied by the great managerial and organizational experiences in the travel sector of Luca Menni and Riccardo Cecinini , while the financial manager is Stefano Cardini , an accountant with over twenty years of experience in the tourism sector.

The creators

Andrea Testa

Owner of BluBit SrlandAmbassador of GoogleandAcademy Googlewith the Cardinal Path circuit, he is a reference figure in digital marketing.

University Professor ofSearch Engine Advertisingboth at the Master's Degree Course in the Faculty of Communication, Department of Communication, Arts and Media “Giampaolo Fabris”, and at the Master in Social Media Marketing and Digital Communication. Author of 4 books on Digital Marketing and Search Engine Advertising, both with the publisher Hoepli and with EPC, of ​​which he is also the editor of the "Web for Breakfast" Digital Marketing series.

Luca Menni

Experienced professional in tourism organization and entrepreneur in online tourism for over 20 years , he was one of the founding members ofItwg.com, one of the main OTA of reference for hotel bookings since 2000 to 2008.

Since 2010 he is co-owner of the travel company Natural Voyageswhich with the site www .worldheritagevoyages.com offers Italian customers experiential travels around the world.

Riccardo Cecinini

25 years of experiencein tourism both as an expert in planning tourist packages and as an entrepreneur with shares in various tourism companies includingCampeggio ContinentalandCampeggio Belmarein Marina di Castagneto, Residence Habitatin Marina di Bibbona and is co-owner of the travel company Natural Voyages which with the site www.worldheritagevoyages.com offers Italian customers unique travels and experiences all over the world.

Stefano Cardini

Chartered accountant with 25 years of experience, he has gained great expertise in the tourism sector.

In fact, from 2000 to 2008 he was the accountant of Itwg.com Spa and since 2010 he is the accountant of the online tour operator Natural Voyages Srl.

Tourism: pride of Italy

"The idea of ​​Prenotaitaliano.it develops during the spring lockdown, precisely in a historical moment that, due to the covid-19 emergency, can be considered a new "zero point" for tourism in Italy.

The very serious crisis suffered by tourism in our country prompted us to imagine what could be of help in such a difficult moment.

After so many ideas and after as many proposals, it is on the basis of these considerations that we have come to create a new vehicle, a symbol of a new beginning:

  • We live in what is considered by all to be the most beautiful country in the world.
  • .
  • Tourism is one of the prides of Italy and represents a point of social, cultural and economic strength.
  • .
  • Tourism with a heritage worth over 232 billion (without considering related activities) represents 13% of National GDP that must be protected and relaunched on the internal and world market.
  • .
  • It is necessary to create a strong aggregation between all tourism companies and their customers to allow one of the leading sectors of the Italian economy to survive and relaunch itself.
  • .
  • Enjoying and supporting the beauty of the Bel Paese will be one of the greatest contributions we can make to Italy.
The result is called Prenotaitaliano.it and together we aim to restart tourism, involving Italian tourists, and bringing tourists from all over the world back to the Bel Paese."
The advantages for tour operators: more promotion, more visitors, "ZERO" commissions.

Commissions «0»: a new model at the service of tourism!

Prenotaitaliano.it, has an ambitious goal:to change the rules of the game of the online tourism in Italy!

While all the large foreign groups of the web require high commissions to pay (even 20 %), we are an online promotion and booking platform with «0» commissions!

Our intention is to involve every Italian tour operator to participate in this ambitious project, paying only a small annual fee.

This fee is not a tax but a simple service charge.

We want to be a partner at the service of Italian tourism companies, to guarantee more promotion, more visibility and more bookings.
The benefits for the user: complete information and ease in organizing the travel experience!

The wishlistto select experiences and set off to discover Italy!

On Prenotaitaliano.it you can find everything you need to better organize your holiday in Italy.

The user can easily and quickly select his favorite experiences from a wishlist (from overnight accommodation, to guided tours, from the food and wine tasting to the excursion) and then decide to book directly from our portal, or by getting in touch with the tour operator providing the experience.

Prenotaitaliano.it is also ethical!

We have personally decided to donate part of the profits to charitable projects, first of all by starting with those who had to fight on the front lines against Covid-19. Furthermore, we will give the possibility to all users and all suppliers to do the same, thus helping to make this important ethical and solidarity chain grow even faster.

We are sure that, with a small gesture aside of all, we will be able to give strength and support to all those who need help in this difficult time.
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